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By Anthony
Dealing with the DLC Dead Zone Dilemma: Covert ll

We have probably spent more time on this issue than it warrants, but there seems to be an interest in how to maybe do a simple blocking of a portion of the PIR lens to bring the PIR sensing zone in line with the field of view of the camera to eliminate the dead zones. A couple more hours dealing with this and I have an answer. I did not stick anything directly to the sensor lens. I chose to operate off the case plastic around the sensor lens so not to leave any residue from the stickers that I was using. I felt that an area of about 1.5 to 2 feet on each side of the FOV of the camera would be plenty of dead zone and would eliminate the empty pictures. After a number of tries I found if you were to draw a line strait down from the inside edge of the 2nd row of emitters on each side of the PIR sensor, this would be the edge of the of the tape used to block the sensor. This proved to work very well. I do not advise sticking the tape directly on the lens because there might be a solvent in the sticky part of the tape that would react to the plastic in the lens. Check the picture as to how I did the modification. You may have to adjust the tape a little because it seems that each of these cameras were put together a little different and the PIR lens may be further to one side than the other. Doing a walk test as described in the write-up will explain the method to use this camera in the TEST mode. Good luck

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