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By texas8point
I have been using the stealth cam I390 for a while now and the pictures quality is GREAT, day and night.
My problem is the setup. I find it very difficult to set the camera up, and in the year and half Ive owned it never been able to get the CF card to work. They sent me the instructions for the setup of the CF card and it still doesn't work.
Also, It takes 8 D cell batteries which is a little extreme and costly and depending on how many pictures you get usually lasts 3 to 4 weeks.

Over all satifaction is not good.
What Stealth needs for 2009 is an industry standard length warranty!

While I totally agree with that, I will say that the StealthCam I had fail did so within the 90 day warranty period. My I450 has been going strong since the summer of 07, and the WD2 I had worked great for about 4 years before I sold it to a friend of mine. The first I540IR I bought failed within 30 days, and after receiving my new one it's been going fine for months now. Overall I'm very satisfied with the StealtCam line of products.
The problem with the low end of the market is QC. Some buyers, like you, may get a good camera that lasts, but if that were the case in general, GSM could offer a 1 year industry standard warranty. It would help them sell more product and would not cost them a dime. The reality is that QC is so bad, they couldn't absorb the returns with a 1 year warranty.

If they only believe in their product for 3 months, so do I!


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By Bluesman
Jack. I have to agree.The Manufactures know about the limit their product will last.I just had a Fridge/Freezer go bad.It was under warranty for 5 years.I have had it 5 years and 2 months. :( David

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