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By Anthony
Small update on Bushnell Trophy Cam, While going over the 09 Bushnell brochure it left us with several questions in relation to their new addition to the mini market. They have assured us that they have been spending a lot of time on the pre production units and as of yesterday they have the post production units and are in the process of ringing them out to possibly uncover any defects that may have been missed by the factory. We should be receiving our test units sometime within the next month to start our review, provided that the in house testing goes well. There seems to be a lot of interest so we will try to keep everyone informed.
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By Anthony
Generaly speaking, that would be correct. You would have to know how they are laid out at the factory locations to understand and know how things are situated now. Our contact person arrived there today and will be updating us over the next few weeks.
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