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By Anthony
Being that their cameras have been very popular with the security people they evidently had some feed back about an area that needed more detail in the pictures. This is involving situations where a vehicle is involved in the security situation. They are working on a license plate mode that will enable the camera to better pick out more detail in this area.

Other upgrades will be the development of the standalone repeater units. Previous setups required the purchase of another camera/repeater to be used in the daisy chain repeater setup that they designed. Now when it is in full development their system can have a distant camera with just a remote relay repeater only somewhere in between to deliver the signal to the base. This will be much more cost effective for those who do not need the second or third camera in order to get the signal delivered to the base.

They are also working on some pretty exciting cellular base setups and cellular base repeater products. This is the area where several of the camera companies have moved into and knowing Buckeye this should be a first class setup.
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