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I decided to make a short flash ad for Bee Busy... what you think ? Bill work his butt off all day in the shop perfecting a motorized turn table using blue screen technology. (ie. the spinning scoutguard)

(click the photo below to watch the video)


or click this link:
Hey Anthony,
Great start! However, there seems to be a problem. I see the bees but all I hear is tweet tweet tweet in the background :shock: I was going to throw in desert for your outstanding skills, but I cant do that until I hear bzzzzzzzzzz instead of tweet tweet tweet.
I thank you for your cooperation!

BEE Busy Outdoors
I know this doesn't really belong here but, Where did the Bee Busy contest go? what was the results? Who won? what was Joes number? how many entries were there? I've only been gone for 1 day. :|

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