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What do you think of the new format we are doing on the reviews? This is a good example above of how we are approaching them this year.
This will be very helpful.

I know a couple of things I`m always interested in is, will it play video, what is the memory card(s) size limit and the price? I`m looking forward to the card viewer reviews, as well as the Bushnell and Spypoint reviews!!!!

I "Had" one of these and it work well. One thing to remember though, it has an external power power tack for it. It is 6 volt, don't be "silly" like me and plug in a 12volt external battery into it. Not a good smell for sure :oops: :cry: :?
I joined this website a couple of months ago and had asked around if anyone had used this item as I had bought it recently on ebay. It is a really nice viewing tool and thank you for doing the review. That is AWESOME!
Since I've used the viewer on one session, I had pictures of mountain lions and deer and could clearly see them. I am using a 4.0 megapixel wildview camera. The video was the most fun to watch although it was easier to view at home on the PC. Still This will always come with me and I have found that it's a pretty slick little viewer.
I did notice after viewing for roughly 20 minutes that the batteries were at 75-80%- still acceptible, but lots of viewing will run them down.
Thanks for a great website and I hope to be posting more and different creatures like Mountain Lions and Javelina that we have here in the Southwest.
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