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I've found this viewer to be excellent. I used it all last season. Here's some observations:

-The battery level indication comes on only when the battery charge reaches a certain level. Even at this point you can still view many pics (~1000) before the battery gives out. I run quite a few cameras and I've never even had the battery indicator come on in the field. The battery charge lasts an incredibly long time and has never been an issue.

-I turned off the sound on mine. It served no purpose to me and probably depletes the battery a little.

-I bought an AC outlet adapter to charge mine. Non-Typical sells a package that has the AC adapter and a DC adapter together for under $20. If you look around you can get this kit for less than $15.

-The screen brightness is good but I wish it had the ability to change the brightness. That's about the only thing missing on this great unit.

-The pan and zoom functions are awesome.

-I typically just took my viewer with a 2GB SD card and checked six or more cams at a time. I'd copy all of the pics from the CF cards, then delete the pics from the CF cards and insert them back into the cameras. When I got home, all of the cam pics were on my single SD card.

-Pics load very quickly compared to some other viewers I've used.

-Card-to-card transfers seem to take only slightly more than one pic per second.

-If you upgrade the firmware on your Reconyx cameras it makes the pics compatible with this viewer.

-I bought a padded small camera case to carry mine in for added protection.

-For each card you copy, it creates a new folder on the target card. This keeps things organized.

-One thing to be aware of: I bought a 2GB SD card as my target card. I kept transferring pics to this target card. Instead of transferring the pics from the SD card to my PC at home, I just the left the folders and pics on the SD card until there were a crazy amount of pics on the SD card. At some point, the viewer choked and would only show an hour glass on the screen. If I put a new SD card in, it worked fine. So, there may be a pic volume limit of some sort. Anyhow, I just cleared the SD card by transferring the pics to my PC, and then everything worked well.

Hope this insight helps.

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