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By walexa07
I have gleaned much info from this website/forum, so thought I'd at least contribute a little info:

My trophy cam that I got through cabelas is camo and came with a free "Elite Pro" brand name 512 MB SD card. Card is not compatible. It will format in the camera fine, but the camera will not write to it.

A friend at work had an older Kingston 1GB SD card that I plugged in and it worked great.

So, I went to walmart and bought 2 PNY 2GB SD cards...........neither would accept images. Took them back and exchanged them for 2 Sandisk 2GB SD cards and both work fine.

Just so you don't have to read back through looking for which ones have and have not worked I am putting it below:

Elite Pro 512mb - NO
Frankston 1GB - YES
Sandisk 2GB - YES

Hope this is of some help to someone else.

One other observation I noted is I believe it was really pulling battery life when trying to write the images to the cards that would not accept. One night and one day and the batteries are down to 2/3 life. I am using new energizer AA's.

Thanks Waylan. I converted this to a sticky. Please everyone if you find a card issue or one that works just chime in and we can make this comprehensive.
I puchased the (2) pack of 2 gig PNY SD cards for my trophy cam a week ago from Wally World.

I did not have any trouble with the cards. The camera wrote the pictures to the card just fine.

I formated the cards on my laptop prior to using them.

I format my cards alot.

Comments anyone.

Oh, My TC from is from Cabel's, has no PIR sensor shields inside and leaked water on the first rain we had. ???
When in doubt pick up Sandisk Cards. They seem to work the best in almost all situations except price :( is a good place to pick up cards for cheap.

For those of you with cameras that will only take up to 2GB cards you may want to pick up a few soon. 2GB and smaller cards are getting a bit hard to come by. I am sure it will get harder as the higher capacity cards hit the market.

Just my two cents!!
When in doubt pick up Sandisk Cards. They seem to work the best in almost all situations except price :( is a good place to pick up cards for cheap.

FYI...I just ordered ten (10) Sandisk 2GB SD cards from them for $77.90 w FREE SHIPPING!
It's the best price I've found (including eBay) without buying from a Hong Kong retailer & waiting 3 weeks for overseas delivery.
I was told my someone at BeeBusy that there is a issue with Kingston cards working properly. If you look at this thread here it was a Kingston card that was used.

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By WildViewWeb
On your computer
1. Insert your SD card into your card reader.
2. Open "My Computer"
3. Right click the drive that contains your SD card.
4. Choose the desired Format. (Fat, Fat32 etc.)

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