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I just bought a Bushnell Trophy Cam from Cabelas. I also purchased 2 2GB PNY SD cards from the big W. I was getting frustrated with the camera because it would record video just fine but not still photos. I came to this website looking for help and found this thread. I then switched out the PNY SD card for a San Disk. The camera is working fine now.

Odd that it would record video to the PNY card but not still photos. Can anyone explain this?
I wish I could but I really can't. This makes no sense at all to me. It seems like if it was a hardware issue like pins not lining up then it would not write anything to the card.

But since it writes a little bit then it is something else. I suspect it is a protocol issue as in a communications error.
I was just about to take this camera back but will *maybe* try new SD cards. I am using the Walmart 2gb PNY cards as well and it will write exactly two pictures every time. Another user said his would write video but not stills and mine will write two pictures and stop so I am inclined to believe this is a camera issue and not a card issue.
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