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We have discovered an issue with recent shipments of BMC cameras including HCO Scoutguard SG550, Bushnell TrophyCam, and DLC Covert II. There have been some changes made either in firmware or hardware that make them increasingly incompatible with various brands of SD cards.

SD cards that worked some months ago will now no longer work. We called and talked with HCO about this. They explained that they have been trying to get the factory in China to admit that something was changed creating this issue but thus far the factory claims that nothing was changed.

By the way, my SD Cards worked just fine in all these cmaeras only a couple months ago but now they are no longer compatible with these 3 cameras.
Is there a list of incompatible cards?

This Kingston card does NOT work in my 4 SG550's purchased June 2009.
Which is interesting because this is the same card HCO promotes on their website :shock:

When I put in either of these Sandisk cards, they worked in all 4 of my cameras with no problems.
I never tried putting the switch to lock.

I do have a much older Kingston Micro SD card in an adapter and it works just fine.
(with the lock in the OFF position)
I spoke with Bushnell about this:

A good double check on this should solve the issue. Many cards are used in other devices prior to being inserted into this camera. Regardless whether the card is new or been used in other devices, if a user encounters an issue with an SD card being incompatible, they should go to the FORMAT function in the menu. WARNING—when you format the card, any images on the card will be erased. Once the formatting is complete, the card should work fine. Also remember that these cameras only use 2GB or smaller SD Cards. A side note to this issue is that some users also try to read their cards on their digital cameras. While all cameras may not work with this, so far we have tested cameras of the following brands and they work fine—Canon, Kodak, Panasonic, Pentax and Fuji.

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