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Recon is experiencing a component shortage that is creating problems delivering to catalog centers, ie Cabelas, BSP. This will delay the entry of the 2009 Viper camera.

As we find more, we will report it.
For anyone interested below is a recent response and my original letter to Recon Outdoors.

Derek, WE offer the Viper in a 2mp no camo and a 4mp with camo. The wake-up time is less than a second, but as far as deliveries we are back ordered and I would just be pulling a date out of the air!! We are taking orders and shipping when and where you are on the list. Scott

From: Derek Sonnenfelt []
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 8:52 AM
Subject: Recon Viper

I am anxiously awaiting your new camera to reach market but had a couple of questions about it. First is about the megapixels of the camera. I have seen it advertised as 2 and 4. I am guessing it is 4mp during the day and 2mp in IR mode at night is that correct? My next question is what the trigger speed of the camera is? Will it be under 2 seconds? Finally my last question is when will the camera be available? My last estimate I heard was Aug 10 is that still accurate. Thank you for your time. Derek
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