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Hope to be running cams tonight. Will post up some pics for quality check. I have 2 of the IR4's runnig in new locations. They should have a good rain tight check as we had 6" of rain Monday in 1 hour. Never seen anything like it. New all time record for KY.
Now it is on both the battery life page:

The above page is updated for each camera we test a battery life on.... It would also show the different types of tests. Like for example we just started an external battery life test on the IR4 using a 14AH SLA battery. I will add this to this page as well at some point (probably several weeks from now if not months)

And the IR4 review page:
Anthony, question on IR4

In general , is the battery life of the IR4 totally dependent on the number of vids & pics taken?

If I used the IR4 on a trail that consistently gets 3-5 pics per day or 35 pics per week would I expect the batteries to last longer than the 8 day period of the completed test?

Is 30 day life or longer under this setup a reasonable expectation?

I would think so yes.

However just how long is hard to say. Imagine if you armed the camera and put it in a closet and never allowed it to take a picture. At some point the batteries would go dead just from powering the system armed. So the battery life is a function of both duration and picture taking. The camera draws a certain amount of amperage while armed and more than that while sensing and taking a photo. Each time it takes a photo and writes to the card is it burning more battery than when it is idle. If the picture requires flash it takes even more energy. So it is also a function of how many photos are at night vs day.

We cant promote modifying your camera and creating warranty issues (should something go wrong) but it really is fairly easy to do and I expect we should have a nice long battery life on our external battery set up.
The pamphlet stated around 4 weeks battery life with default settings. May vary due to settings and enviroment. Got one today (the last one on the shelf) and did a little testing with one of my sons. The trigger speed is fast and very sensitive at 32 ft he just waved his arms slightly and it sensed and the ir glow seemed less than a second after the sense light glowed.he hadn't made a full motion and it had taken his picture.

Seems like a winner for < $100.00 camera
Just wondering in what type of climate this camera was tested in.
I'm looking @ aquiring one, however I'm in Ontario, Canada & the temp here can drop down to -10 deg celcius by the time the season here.
The reason I'm saying this is that battery life might only last me 2-3 days in these temps.
Any info would be appreciated!!
gszoo wait till tomorrow, I'm going to check mine tomorrow morning. The first pictures(IR) in the real world didn't turn out that good. They was not as clear or as bright as the ones in I had tested in my yard. Might not have had it aimed high enough. I tilted it up a little Sunday and will know tomorrow.
Thanks, I'll be looking forward to your findings.
I'm just about ready to buy a couple of these cams, the problem is I only make it out to the property we hunt on about once a mth.
I dont want to have to be running back every week to replace batteries.
If it did not snow here I would take my chances and hook it up to an outside power source as mentioned by anthony.
Well it has been only a week, I think I have figured out how to aim to get better ir light, it was still a little low but a lot better. I had 100 pictures and battery strenght showed full. sensor range is exelent, good daytime pictures. the first is last sunday while showing a new member the place. I stepped it off at twenty three yards.I did lighten the picture a little, notice the lighter area closer to the cam, that should be higher which would have the deer show up more.

I don't know about how the cam will handle the cold but its a good little cheap cam. Pictures are a lot better than my Stealth I230ir for half the money.
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