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By Anthony
Cell Base coming this fall!

Advantages of the BuckEye Cam Cellular Base Station over other cellular based systems:
We still use the no-fee radio transmission from the cameras to the Cellular Base Station. This means that up to thirty cameras can be in a system with just one cell plan!

There are no per picture fees or limits on data transmission.

You will get no surprise charges or miss any pictures for going over your limit because with BuckEye Cam, there are no limits!

The pictures/videos are sent over the internet via the Cellular Base Station and saved on your computer.

You own your pictures! You do not have to go to a special web site or pay any other fees to view your pictures.

The BuckEye Cam Cellular Base is not tied to any particular cellular carrier. We can hook you up with a plan no matter which carrier's service is available!

We use rechargeable sealed lead-acid batteries, not alkaline batteries to ensure a long battery life.

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