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Almost as bad as homebrew camera guy. :shock: :lol:

Hey! I ressemble that remark! ;)

Treading on thin ice, ain't he? :mrgreen:

Yup. Gonna' have to keep an eye on that one! ;)
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By Badger35
I'm assuming that these cameras and components are being built in China for one materials and labor cost.

The sad thing is that most people are accepting this as a normal part of doing business when buying low quality Chinese manufactured products.

I'm sure many of us can remember, that it wasn't many years ago when anything built in Japan was junk... not so anymore.

Maybe they'll be some hope for China.

I've bought some glue yesterday in a supermarket that has its own products: when I saw the product was made in China I was a bit astonished!
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By Bee Busy Outdoors
They look good!
Any update on when the cameras will be released for sale?

Its not set in stone but it should be before the month is over. We originally were told anywhere between the 15th thru the 31st of this month. I'm definitely getting one for myself :mrgreen:
Hopefully this date holds as im antsy for one :D

Cool looking little camera.

Thanks for the additional pictures Anthony.
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By Gobble4Me
Has Chasingame received this trailcam and began testing it yet? You would think with most archery seasons underway and firearm season fast approaching that they would want to get this cam on the market before it's to late from a marketing point of view.
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By Anthony
Things got awfully quiet on the release time, so I made some calls and was told it looks like next year!

I too made some calls today. My spy tells me that the camera should be ready to ship by the end of this month. I will keep my fingers crossed. :D
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