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By UP Powers
ahhh.. the only think I did was take two lag bolts with washers and screwed them into a tree which secured the box. It was very simple and I have a lock on the front of the case.

Great box!!
By scdeerslayer
I tried lag bolts last year with Moultrie boxes. I'd rather use the strap with a cable around the tree. Easier and quicker setup (and takedown) with no tools, plus allows for adjustment.

I do like to add angle adjusters to my boxes though.
I've been using a simple bar from lowes threaded through the plastic loops on the back of my I60 with holes drilled in the end for a python cable. It worked fine for quite a while, but I'm sure it put some stress on the plastic loops. Last weekend, a small animal decided to use my camera as a stepping stone while climbing the tree it was hooked to. The plastic loops finally gave up to ghost.

So, I ordered one of these. I'm looking forward to receiving it.


it would be nice if you could just put a cable through the box only(not the camara and the box) and use a lock in front ,that way when checking the camara the python and box stay in position while swapping memory cards
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By RR_Security
I'm pretty sure that's doable. The hole at the bottom of the faceplate looks big enough for the shackle of a padlock.
I think you could hang one up with the strap and bungee cords and a cable lock, and then padlock the faceplate. "Belt and suspenders." :lol:
By scdeerslayer
Here's my modification to the box. This is for a Trophy Cam, but I did the same thing to one for a SpyPoint. It is an angle adjuster. Just a piece of aluminum bolted on, tapped for 1/4" bolt. Move the bolt in and out to adjust the angle. I used the existing holes in the box. You could also put it on the bottom if you need to angle it up. This is a piece of 1/2" aluminum I had left over from making rod holder bases, but I would rather have 1/4" There is plenty of room in the box behind the camera for the bolts and the adjustment bolt. I think it's about one inch. I did this one by hand, so it's kind of crooked. If I had a good drill press I could do it better. I just like not having to find a stick with the right diameter to use.




I also added a couple pieces of foam tape to it that you can see in the picture below. The camera is just a little loose in it, so I added those too keep it kind of tight. I don't think it would make any noise without them, but I want to make sure, just in case.

Got mine for my I60 setup yesterday. One small suggestion: Add a hole big enough for the larger python cable that does not go through the cover. I prefer to secure the box to the tree with a python and use another lock for the cover. That enforces the camera pointing even when I remove it, swap cards, and return it since the box stays put on the tree.



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