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Some synchronization testing with an RC60 and the XtendIR:

The CCD on the hand held camera actually picks up the black flash as more intense than the red flash which is an interesting phenomenon but dont be fooled as the red flash produces much better illumination on the IR camera 8)

Click the image below to play the video:

What this test shows is two things:

1) The XtendIR does pick up even the black flash frequencies and triggers its flash
2) It synchronizes even with the speed of a Reconyx camera
The RC60 has a green light under the battery cover.

I was wondering about that light too. Do you mean that the battery cover was left off when this test was done, or is this light visible all the time? If it were visible all the time it seems like that would kind of defeat the purpose of having black flash.
The battery cover was off during this test to make it easier to pull the CF card. When deployed the Reconyx cameras should and will have a battery door in place which blocks this light. It is only for diagnostics and testing purposes.
I'm sure this will be a significant improvement for cams with poor illumination like the Boly Cams. I'd like to see with and without pictures with a camera with string illumination like the Moultrie I-series.

I have two red blob Orions that have very good flash distance, but I often get deer that are 40-60 yards away that I can barely make out as deer. At a reasonable price, I'd consider one of these for each of these applications.



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