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I don't disagree with anything you said. I'm simply suggesting that we have had a number of companies try BlackFLash and only two have proven effective so far (Reconyx and BEC). Both of them have control over both sides of the equation, illumination and camera parameters/processing. Adding black flash illumination to an inexpensive camera whose parameters are setup for "Red Blob" light levels, may or may not produce acceptable results. It (as you say) will depend on the camera.

So, my advice for folks is to wait to see the pictures with and without the XtenderB with they camera they plan to "convert".

I'll definately be watch this one.

I'm also in the market for the regular extender for a couple of my red blob orions. I'm just waiting to see some pics on Anthony's long range with his Apollo.


From the pics that Flash showed I am convinced on the red one.Can't wait to try one on the Scoutguard 550.Maybe I will see more than eyeballs off to the sides.I am so excited I could Pee myself. :mrgreen: David
I still want to see outdoor photos on Anthony's long flash range with other cameras. There is not doubt that almost any added flash would benefit a scoutguard because of the poor illumination. However, if the target camera has good illumination (like say the moultrie I-series), it is possible that the differential improvement could be much less. If I were gonna put this on and SG, I'd have already placed an order, however, my target is a red blob Orion which already has pretty good illumination.


Now that I think about it, I do have an SG still running. It is primarily to catch daytime trespassers along a dirt road, but it does get occasional game.

If Anthony doesn't get his pictures posted soon, maybe I'll just buy one and try it since I know it will always benefit my SG.

If he does get them posted and it benefits the Orion significantly, I'll order three of them!


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Jack. You better order soon.By the time they get them in stock they will have more orders than they do Xtends. :mrgreen: David
Flash range tests using the Xtendir and the SG550 on the Chasingame flash range:
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