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By Anthony
Scott from UniPat sent me one of these racks to install on my Kawasaki. The installation was easy and straightforward. I need some of the accessories now to round out system.

Here is their website:

The video below is something I put together to show what the gear gator looks like and how easy it is to install.

Click the image below to play the video:

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By Anthony
did anyone watch this video ? Any thoughts on this rack ?

What you dont see are the many attachments like gun holers, etc. There is a wireframe basket that fits up top to hold coolers and gear. There is a weather canopy that attaches to the rack to keep you out of the rain.
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By Ol Arky
Watched the video... As with the Ranger type vehicles, the Gear Gator would have it's place and that place ain't in the noarrow trail with low overhang we have hear in the pine timbered cutovers of southern Arkansas... I can see a buncha ways to "modify" the Gear Gator... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I can see where ya have open timber and open country where the Gear Gator would be a great tool... :D :D

But my ol' broke tipped flippin' stick severs the purpose of gettin' rid a spide webs before they get in my face and I'm sure it cost less too.. :wink: :wink:
By EastTX
Yeah, I couldn't use it on my place either, to tall to get through the brush. I would think most people would just assume trade in their ATV for a UTV if they needed something like this bad enough.
I watched the video and it is a pretty neat add on. Just not something I would use here, although it would work on pretty much most of the riding trails in the hills. Only one comment on the rack, the bar that runs from front to back needs to have pre drilled adjustment holes in it. Hate to drill holes in something new if it doesn't need to be. JMO.
Just the kind of product CG could sell. Did you steal my Prairie for that video :D

If I were the manufacturer, I'd have all kinds of liability waiver information on it. With the bar overhead the operator, I can just see someone putting something up there and crying law suit when it fall on them and causes a wreck.

I've got a basket on the back of mine that fits 5 gal buckets and a powerloader on the front. The product would be fine on my ATV trails, but it would defeat my power loader.


By geargator
Yeah, I couldn't use it on my place either, to tall to get through the brush. I would think most people would just assume trade in their ATV for a UTV if they needed something like this bad enough.

If you wanted to trade in your ATV for a UTV it would cost about $3000 more. With the addition of the rack it only costs less than $300 and it serves what an UTV would.

Check out the website at for more information.
By AR-Tex hunter
Anthony ,
I have a laptop connect card and the video takes too long to load. My connection speed is much faster than dial up but not less than standard high speed connection. Can you reduce the resolution ?? I am sure others will have the same problem.
By Slayer
A few years back I was duck hunting in an area that I needed to bring my pirogue (thats kinda like a canoe for any yankees out there :P ) so I built a cab for my atv capable of supporting and carrying it on the long ride in. Long story short I would have much rathered purchasing a unit like this that can be easily removed when not needed.

Looks like a good product to me.....lots of potential......
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By Anthony
Keep in mind that those 4 elbows could have been slid in much further. At some point I plan on hauling a ladder stand with it and catch some video of this to put online.

Typically the elbows would be placed far apart like this when hauling plywood for example.
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