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Click the following link to get straight to the XtendIR Photo Comparison tests:

So far I have performed tests with the HCO Scoutguard SG550.
Now I only have an Apollo XIR - not sure about this but I do have an Orion. I think the electronics and array are the same so it should compare.
Are these with the camera and XtendIR-I flash or just the XtendIR-I flash???????
I really like the shots with 2 banks on. 3 is kinda harsh on close up subjects. Good news is, with this addition, you will be able to get the camera farther than 10' away from the intended target and actually get better results. It will be nice to be able to move the camera back, have a decent FOV, and get good flash pics.
I bet the bears will have a field day with one of these.How much more does it glow with both flashing? Will moving it back miss the edge critters or will the FOV be that much greater to make up for it.Sure hope they soon get them in stock.David
Anthony.Is there anyway to secure the XtendIR to the tree to keep bear/people from walking off with it? David

Look at the pictures on the review. You will see a curved back with teeth in it. There is a slot between this curved part and the unit large enough to fit a python cable. To steal would require tearing it up.

I have an idea for a security box for it.

They are going to come out with a black flash version yes but it will cost a bit more. Not sure on the pricing yet.
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