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Contest Announcement: Best Video using your camera and the Xtendir sponsored by Uway/HCO.

click here for the announcement:

From what I understand, entrants must be members at (membership is free) in order to submit videos or vote on videos.

Videos will be judged based on a combination of public popularity and a panel of judges.

Videos will be any combination of photos and video clips off your camera but you must be using the new Uway XtendIR on your camera for all photos or video clips.

The video can be a single clip or multiple clips/photos put together as video production. There can be soundtracks, etc.

There will be prizes consisting of the Uway XtendIR-B (black Flash), Okoo Range finder and ATV Mate Luggage Set.

As I get more details on this contest I will update this thread. :D

Also, could I count on you to spread the word about this video contest in all the other forums by providing a link back to this thread ? (thanks in advance)

First Prize:

Second Prize:

Two 3rd Prizes:
I was contacted by HCO and was told to modify the prizes. Now the second prize is the XtendIR-B Black Flash version. so there are four prizes now.
Some nice prizes there for some lucky folks. Got my Extend IR coming from Bee Busy Outdoors now.Who knows you can't win unless you enter. :mrgreen: David
* * * * * CONTEST UPDATE * * * * *

Public judging will begin on January 1/15/2010. Final judging will be on 01/31/2010. Winners will be contacted via email. Winners must respond within 24 hours with the serial number from the XtendIR used in the video submitted. On January 15 at 12:00pm EST (noon) a new Video Category will become available called "XtendIR Contest". At this time (or some time soon thereafter) you should upload your video to this video category and the public will begin to view/vote. Please indicate the model of camera(s) used in the "tags" as you upload your video.

This means you have between today 12/08 and 01/15 to complete your video. THe sooner you get the XtendIR in the woods the better your chances of capturing the cool footage.

Your video can be photo slides, and video clips. you can add subtitles and music, etc... be creative. Its up to you.

Thanks and good luck! Should you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us at
I plan on entering.Not really sure I understand it well.Is there a deadline of when you have to upload the video? I was hoping to get a decent buck on video before to long.Take me awhile t get the bugs worked out of the XtendIR too. :mrgreen: David
In the "update" above, I explained that you will upload your completed video on 1/15/2010 after 12pm EST. This is when the contest judging period begins. If you wait till the day before the final judging (01/31) then your video will have only been in the public eye 1 day (not good).

so basically - have your video complete by January 14 before you go to bed.

you have between now and 01/14 to capture the cool footage but so does everyone else.... This gives you 5 weeks since you already have your Xtendir. so best get your xtendir in the woods soon and think about how to optimize its use to illuminate your subject matter (whatever that is :D <== preferably not the neighbor's wife :mrgreen: )

I hope that helps.
I got my video uploaded.Had to go to a computer that had Hi Speed but got it on there. :mrgreen: I know it took a lot of work making it so I hope you all enjoy it.I would appreciate you all going over to Eye in the Woods and voting for me.If you are not registered yet get signed up.Also I am looking for a lot more of you alls videos in the contest too.David
I think you have won already. Congratulations! :) You are the only contestant. I guess the prizes would have to be $1000 in cash to get someone interested... Its a bit dissapointing really. Good job though on your video !
I ain't gota clue as to how to "tie" or "connect" videos together but I did download one from the backyard just so Bluesman would have somethin' to compete :mrgreen: with.... :D :D

Great video Bluesman.... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
There is a program on my computer that I didn't even know I had.My daughter in law done a video of the family pictures for this years reunion.It blew me away with what she had done.She told me that it wouldn't take much for me to learn how to do it and I probably had the program on my computer already.Well I jumped at her offer to teach me and sure enough it was already there.I was making a video within 15 minutes of her telling me what to do.Nothing fancy like she can do but I have made several like the one that I just put on.
It is called Windows Movie Maker. If I could learn to do it anyone can do it. :mrgreen:
See if you have it on your computer and play around with it.I even done one with still pics that is over 30 minutes long.David
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