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By Takem
When we did the GPS collaring of the deer we used a bait pile 60ft net with four snow fence posts with 3inch metal tubes where rockets where propelled by a button once there where 3 deer on the pile never any more then three (they die from the stress) hit the button send a net over the top of them trapping them we had 11 guys we would run out put GPS collars on all i think we did 36 one summer for a study for the forest preserve district of cook county.They would come in every year and take 20-30 deer cull the herd because there was so many they go crazy when the nets cover them they get so tangled sometimes you would have to cut the net and rig up another one definitely was vary interesting when you had a 10 pointer in there what a mess...
This last fall I did observe a strange 8 pt buck showing up on my place. My cam caught pics of him for about 2 weeks, then nothing of him after rut. In the pics he was always in hot pursuit of a doe - night or day.

When I bow hunted I noticed this behavior and I always hunted where the does were. Staking out a place just because you saw a big buck there before rut is not very productive UNLESS there are lots of doe's there too. There must also be a Good-ol-Bucks club too. Starting about 2 months before rut the bucks tend to congregate together with no apparent interest in the opposite sex. Then just before rut they become mortal enemies.
Mike, both the bucks I killed last fall where killed in one stage of the rut or another... No one on our lease had any pictures of either of the bucks and there were a lota cameras out there... The bigger bucks I had pictures of in that area never showed durin' the daylight hours when someone was there...

What that tells me is that most bucks move from their summer and bachelar group areas to new areas durin' the rut... That's the reason so many of um get killed because they are in a unfimiliar areas plus have they have other things their minds... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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