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By Anthony
Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2006 11:27 pm Post subject: Classified Ads system online


ok. I have created an experimental classified ads feature. I call it experimental because:

1] it is a new system designed to integrate with the forum so that you do not have to register yet another user name.

2] I have not used it that much and I just installed it.

I created a test ad on it (as the administrator) and a few categories. You will have to tell me what categories would be most usefull.

Please try it out but just be aware that we will have to BETA test this out a bit before I decide on this system. There are alternatives but none that integrate with the forum as well so I really hope we can make this work.

Use this url to check it out. You can create some phony ads if you like just to test the system. Later on you can delete the ads. If it is phony then please note this in the ad and be sure to remove it later.

Please make categories suggestions soon so I can get things organized up front. Lets assume this is the real thing.

Here it is:
By Randy Lawson
Dang it I missed the underwear. I will offer twice the selling price to the one who bought it. Sight unseen.

This is great Hope to see some good buys here someday.


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By Anthony
I would appreciate it if users would input some "fake" ads for a week and use the system as if it was the real thing. Pretend that you are interested in an item and email the seeler a question... Lets check this system out.

Go through the motions and see if there are any serious bugs. this is what I am after. If it appears stable, I will wipe the fake ads and we will go live with it.

I still need suggestions on categories .... ?
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By Bond
So is it safe to list something real yet? or are you still working on bugs and stuff?
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By Anthony
As far as I can tell it works. I had hoped we could get a few hundred people to place some fake ads and test it out but noone has tried it. Also, I have not gotten any suggestions on category breakdowns...

Have you got any ideas ?
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By Roscoe
It seems pretty simple to use. Looks like it's working fine. I think the categories you chose are about right Anthony.
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By Roscoe
Sure, wipe out all the fake adds & leave me stuck with the Three Little Pigs. :roll:
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By Anthony
The classified ads system is prepared for REAL useage now. I have added a disclaimer to the bottom of the page. Please read this before you begin.

Links on the home page are now active. Let me know if you discover any issues with the system.

Enjoy !
I put an add in the classifieds.
By TGR95
Hey Anthony. Look's like the date posting may be off. BM's ad shows a posting date of 4/2/06. Gotta be the wrong format --> dd/mm/yr. Everything else looks good. Fantastic web site!
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By Anthony
I puzzled over that as well. I believe it is DD/MM/YYYY. I dont know why the programmer would have done it that way. The dates in the database ARE correct. I checked them so it is how they display that is wrong.

At the moment I dont have time to dig in and try and make a fix for it.

As long as we know how it works.... we are ok.

Please feel free to use it as much as you like...
By wolfcreek outfitters
I once put in an ad for a wife ...............I got 200 replies, they all said the same thing.................You can have mine!!!!!

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