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By inspector
I like the raffle idea.
If you could set up an account thru paypal.
I would be willing to kick in 5.00 for a chance.
If you win and the camera is a lemon, you're out just 5 bucks.
I bet you would get enough to pay for the camera and have some left over for the new server.
By Beards & Spurs
Is there any way with your purchasing Power that we could possible purchase cameras thru you guys here at chasing game?
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By Anthony
We can't sell cameras and also provide performance reviews. that would be a conflict of interest. I wish I could help you in that area. I would like a way that users could see a list of models and be able to springboard into "seller's sites" and compare pricing. I just don't know how to do that and whether it would be percieved as us trying to sell cameras.

Since manufacturers are dealing with us, we can not show partiality to any brand by selling their cameras.
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By glccorbin
:?: I have an expensive Penns woods trail cam that takes a lot of pictures of nothing except the tail end of my dog exiting the picture. I think it's because of slow shutter speed. Anyone have experience with the Cuddeback 3.0 non typical trail cam. I find trying to determine the best trail camera to be confusing. Thanks GLC
By muzzleblast525
Ive got the 1.3 and 3.0 and love it. Need to send the 1.3 in for some repairs because a "dang beef steak" knocked it down. My fault, I didn't use the screw, just strapped it to a tree for a couple of days with bungee cord. Fell in a water puddle.....

Anyway, love the pics it takes and speed at which they take the pics. Here are just a couple of pics...Gotta run, wife is waiting in car...
By BoDucker
Any idea yet on when the new cameras will be ready? May/June ? Going to be getting another cudde. Might have to wait until the new IR model comes out.
By joeyd50
BoDucker, I got a Bass Pro Shop sale today and the new Cuddebacks are in the sale book
By BoDucker
Thanks joeyd50. Will be getting the new IR then.
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By BuckNrut
Looks like the new 06 cuddies are out. Just got ship confirmation this morning on some of the No Flash IR cams.
By lifehog
I ordered one last week with the Ir from Basspro and it is on backorder.
:?: I have an expensive Penns woods trail cam that takes a lot of pictures of nothing except the tail end of my dog exiting the picture.

I would bet that Penns Woods has the X20 camera in it . Verry poor camera . You can only make the trail camera as fast as the camera in it will let you .
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By BuckNrut
Shipped out 7 of them today. Still have 3 left in stock right now. I was suprised to see Cuddeback started packaging them in plastic instead of the Boxes.

Cant wait to start seeing some pics from the IR models.
By lifehog
Are any of the new cuddies being tested yet?

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