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I would like to announce a project I have been working on which is a new software product aimed at Scouting camera owners. The software is called Scouting Assistant. We are in BETA now for the basic and time lapse versions.

I am the author, developer and owner.

Here is the website below. Please take a look.


Scouting Assistant is the complete solution for managing your scouting camera photos and videos.

Basic features for Scouting Assistant include the following:

-Easily import photos and videos from your flash media cards to your computer.
-Organize imported media by Camera and by Location by Date Imported.
-Preview Photos and Thumbnails using the Photo viewer.
-Use the Playlist manager to organize favorite photos.
-Preview Videos, select by thumbnail and watch in full screen.
-Email Photos and Videos with a single click
-Easily create Video Slideshows from your photo playlists in a variety of sizes and formats. This makes watching and emailing videos quick and easy.

Scouting Assistant Comes in three versions:

Scouting Assistant Basic
Includes all basic features listed above.
Available January 2011.

Scouting Assistant Time Lapse
Time Lapse Includes all basic features listed above plus a sophisticated motion frame detection and processing feature. Convert your time lapse photos into time lapse video then perform motion searches to find those frames that have animals, people, vehicles, etc without having to sit for hours clicking each photo.
Available January 2011.

Scouting Assistant Professional
The Professional version is geared towards the individual who is serious about game management and needs a single source tool to efficiently get that job done. Professional Includes all basic features listed above, time lapse and game management features. This version supports multiple Clients, Properties per Client, Camera Locations per Property, Custom Tagging of photos, Custom Events, Statistical Analysis and Cross Reference Charts, Export to Excel, Reports by Property by Client. Microsoft SQL Server Express included.
Available March 2011.

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