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By inspector
It is suppose to be 6.0 mp with a new 2 second sensor with a rapid fire 3 shot sequence. Stealth is also coming out with a rapid 3 shot cam.
By inspector
Here is a product review article. You have to scroll down to the LR one. Here is a bit of the article.

---Don shared with me that this camera will utilize the broadcasted 5-beam sensor design (which was actually introduced mid-stream in the current model). He explained that this design will detect motion sooner, thus giving the 2 sec trigger time a head start on an animal that is moving across the camera. He also explained and showed some scenarios of how the Leaf River does a good job on capturing the 2nd photo with a 2 second turnaround time. "Good for catching that buck that is trailing a doe" he said. For more information about Leaf River products, you can visit their website. ... 101729&hl=[/list][/code][/url]
By wvhunter
Any word on when the new LR will be out, or when you will be doing your review on it. I am going to be getting another cam this summer and am still trying to decide what to get.

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