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For users of Extremes with V201 and V203 firmware and are experiencing slow trigger times, they need to contact Recon customer service at 866-647-3266 and explain their problem. The company has a new firm ware to correct this. This upgrade should improve the trigger time to the 1.5 second range. Other than this minor upgrade their products will remain the same for 2006 and just keeping on with their very good reliability.
By DeerProfessor
What about the the plain Talon. Not the basic but the middle one.
Trigger time is 4 seconds. Love to see it at 1.5.
Do you know of an upgrade for this one?
By DeerProfessor
Just got off the phone with Recon
No upgrade for the Talon as of this time.
Sure would have liked to cut my trigger time down.
Althogh I have no complaints about my Talon as it takes great pics.
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By Anthony
More info from Recon about the firmware and our testing of our Extreme with the firmware upgrade:

The Recon company analyzed their firmware and determined that there was about 2.5 seconds of wasted time (processing) during the sensing to exposure time. This time was reduced and on bright days the trigger time should be in the 2.5 to 3 second range. The night pictures will be 3.5 to 4 seconds. Our present testing procedures are indoors with incandescent light for day testing and though this is effective, the Extreme is tuned to bright sun light. We got a 1.5 second difference from indoor testing to outdoor testing with the outdoor testing being much faster. Our Extreme was returned today with the new firm ware v400.330 for these tests. The company also installed blocks behind the battery holder ends to prevent bending. This was a big help to an area that was of concern to us during the initial testing. Bill
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