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By slay
While I can't donate at this time, I did want to bring this topic up when folks click on "new posts" lest they take this site for granted. It is 2011 and I noticed no activity on this thread since November last year. I fully intend on contributing again this year as this site is simply the finest on the net.
Sent a small donation... Thanks Anthony & Bill...
Small donation sent - THANKS for all that you do, It is very appreciated!!!

Did the donation page say PayPal only at one time? I was thinking that I tried to donate some time back but I don't do PayPal so I couldn't.

Just looked back and saw that it had been a year, so here is my contribution. I spend so much time on this site it is cheap learning and entertainment! Thanks guys!
I can think of a lot of things I've wasted money on and got zilch for it. Making a contribution here for such a excellent informative site it was a no brainer. I've made some sites myself with quite a few pages, applications, links and more and can tell you the cost of building the site is quite a bit and depending on how much content you desire up's the costs and not to mention hosting it and on and on.

I believe we all have a super site here thanks to the ones who created it and with just a little donation from everyone would help secure its future and make other options available to us in functionality too!

Great site Anthony, no thanks needed as this site is the "Thank You" enough.


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