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Hello everyone,

I have created a new forum to discuss and announce info concerning our initial photo contest to be judged by the public. In the forum I have created an announcement explaining what you need to do to enter this initial contest. Please read that announcement for instructions on how to get your name in the contest.

Since this is the first time we've tried this, we will allow any photos. You should pick your best 3 to enter into the contest.

If this works out well, in the future I will organize a well planned, publicized contest open to the public that will include a decent prize.

Note: This initial contest will not have a prize, other than the pride of winning !!! :lol:
By dman95
should we post them here or send them to u through email
By dman95
sry i found it and snt my pics
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By Roscoe
Congrats're pics were really good!

I second the motion on a web cam at his place! :mrgreen:

And as far as prizes, he won the 1040 from Double Lunger 8)
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By Iowabucks
Congrats Bond, You definately had the best pictures. It will be interesting to see how many more people we get in the next one. Might get little tougher next time. :lol:
By marlin25-36
:D Congradulations Bond :D Maybe I will get lucky next time :lol:
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By Bond
How do yall feel about the way this was voted upon? I liked having the public vote in large numbers like this rather than say having me pick a winner.

Is there a way to not allow the contestants to vote? I think that caused a lot of low ratings, because why should the best picture only have 3/5 stars :?:

But, why am I complaining, I won. I think it will still work. :D
By DeerProfessor
I am with Bond.
I know that the results were skewed becuase If you wanted to you could vote 0 stars for pictures that were winning and watch them go down in ranking. I think the each person should have 1 picture and each guest can have 1 vote. That is the only way I see we can eliminate the votes that are strictly strategic.
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By Roscoe
Unfortunately, there are a lot of ways to skew the outcome as far as voting. Unless you have just have one person or a panel deciding the outcome, it would impossible to ensure a "fair" contest. If we ever get to the point where we have a big prize, that is what may have to happen. I think we just need to keep this more on a fun basis for now, or have modest prizes that won't get anybody's feelings hurt if they don't win. There are too may ways to circumvent the process with open voting...and I'm not just talking about getting all your friends to vote for you. This contest was pretty fun, and the cream rose to the top!

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