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After having continued trouble getting through to management at Moultrie, we are basically just issuing a public statement to the Moultrie Company on our website. Bill also sent this as an email to Moultrie. Please read this statement from Bill and pass on either the text, the link or both to all the other related forums where people are talking about trail cameras:

Please read this! (Important!)

We need your help to get this message out there. Please post it everywhere. Only then can we get them to listen and do something about the issues with their cameras. Do it for the future buyers that are as yet unaware of the problems.

Update 4/22/06:

Update to Moultrie Statement: We gathered a multitude of data from many sources about the Moultrie cameras. Once compiled, we tried to make this information available to the Moultrie management. We later found that our reporting of these matters to their staff came at the most inopportune time due to the reorganization of the company. Because of this fact they failed to get back to us. This resulted in my “Statement to Moultrie”. Since that time we have been in weekly contact and things have really turned around and once again we feel that what is coming from them is a quality product. Now comes another issue, we found out that there were some individuals made it a point to bash Moultrie using our statement to Moultrie as ammo. I normally would have not had a problem with this except we found that they were affiliated with a competing company. This is totally unethical and we will not tolerate this if found out. We have no way of knowing whether or not they were actually company directed or if they just took it upon their self to do the bashing. Our mission is to give factual true information to the best of out ability. This is why we have not accepted any manufactures sponsorship of products. Chasingame will watch carefully to insure that all is fair and equal for all manufactures and if it is bad we will report it and if it is good we will also report it. Our visitors can be assured that what they are reading is as fair and accurate as we can make it. Having to spend several hundred dollars for a product, it pays to do some research to make a good decision. We hope that we provide that service.
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By txhunter103
BRAVO! if that doesnt get their attention, then nothing short of a smack in the face will have to be next! thank you bill and anthony for addressing these issues, you hit the nail on the head.
By Konk

OUTSTANDING is all I can say. Thank you for sticking up for us little guys.

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By bar2hunter
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!
I'm still waiting for a reply to an email that I sent them on Monday. I've called twice but it's been after working hours.
By buckhead
Thank you. I have had bad results with every camera I have ever bought of thiers. It all started with the film types. I had a 100 recently and returned it the fourth time to Walmart for a refund. Never again will I buy a Moultrie!

I finally bought a Cuddeback. I haven't received it yet, but I can't wait.
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By WVHunter129
Thanks guys for having this site and also for the email to Moultrie. I just registered on your website and am still surfing the site.

The only product that I have from Moultrie is their game feeders and have been very satisfied with them. The newest one I bought had a plastic spinner that broke and came off and when I contacted Moultrie they were quick to send me a replacement spinner.

Now to the topic at hand...My brother in law bought one of the cameras...the Wal-Mart 98 dollar one...a 1.3 megapixel and I helped him get it set up. He bought it in August and we put it out that same month and left it until October. It operated flawlessly, not a problem at all.

I like the way his camera worked so well that just last week I went and put one in lay away at Wal-Mart. I will be reading as many posts as I can find about these cameras and hope and pray that I don't get a lemon.

Again great website!
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By Anthony
Moultrie Local Rep Meeting on 3/11/2006:

I Had a long meeting with our local rep David from Moultrie this morning. It seems that things at the big headquarters at Moultrie are going through some major changes. David explained that the whole marketing scheme at that company has or is in the process of being revamped to better serve the customers. He explained that the man responsible was not aware of the progressing problems that we have been trying to get addressed, and was totally surprised to hear of the communication difficulties that I outlined in the statement to Moultrie. . I now have the cell number of this person and I will be in touch with him come the first part of next week. We discussed the new products for 2006 and he supplied me with the 06 brochure. The information in this pamphlet is very basic but it shows that the GS-200 will remain basically the same but the GS-100 will move up from 1.3 MP to 2.1 MP and will handle a 1 gig SD card. We also talked about some future new cameras that are in the works to include an IR version supposedly color day and night. He had no target date for the release of the new cameras except to say that they are in the works. I should have a much better answer by the end of next week so keep checking back. Bill
By erikharwell
I wish they would just put a better sensor for the camera part, the new version they sent me seems pretty good, pick up is not great but it is a low dollar cam, battery was at 50% after 2 weeks and almost 200 pics, most at night. not bad overall, but if I could get nice pics for a few dollars more, I would really be happy. the snowball eyes on the 200 are even worse than a 100, can you please mention this to them when you talk with them.
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By Anthony
March 13, 2006 - Update

I Spent a long time on the phone with one of the management persons at Moultrie. First off he is giving everyone who experienced communication problems, be it by phone or by E mail a big apology. It seems that their normal amount of customer service personnel has dropped due to either promotion of other reasons and they are very shorthanded in that department but are working on correcting this. He promised that those tech support folks will also be better informed about issues such as firmware and  those hidden upgrades to their cameras. In their world of going out and having these cameras developed and build under contract, there has been a gap in some instances where the end item actually arrives to be put on the market before the all the information associated with the new item is made available for the customer. While I was in the process of writing up this information he called me back and asked for me to hold off with any of the technical and other issues we discussed because they are going to have a big set down and go over all issues and put it out to us by E mail and that way we can just post their message so everything will be totally accurate. This should happen later on this week. I feel that Moultrie is trying very hard to get on top of every thing and be back in the good graces of all customers by making all the appropriate  adjustments. They just want us to give them a chance. Bill
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By Roscoe
At this point, I don't think we can ask for much more than that. Thanks to you & Bill for keeping the heat on them....and thanks for Moultrie for apparently stepping up to the plate.
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By Anthony
03-20-2006 Update on Moultrie GS-100 and GS-200:

The following is a list of things that we have learned by way of E mails, Outdoor Forums, Phone conversations, word of mouth and from our personal experience. I will say that the cameras that we purchased and tested seemed to perform very good until recently, we have had one of the GS-200s to show some signs of problems. (SD card lock and White out)

-Poor sensing.
-SD card locked indication on LCD but camera functions normally.
-Bad battery life.
-Severe difference in trigger time from day pictures to flash pictures.
-Whiteout pictures randomly.
-Moon phase quits being displayed on pictures.
-Flash pictures have saucer eyes.
-Limited sensing range. (sometimes corrected by the “fix.” (sensor lens replacement)
-Camera just dies and will not boot up with fresh battery. 

Most of these problems were discussed with a Moultrie management person and we were promised an answer by E mail last week. As of yet we have not received any word. Bill

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