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I'm interested in finding a white flash camera that actually works. The trend seems to be a move to white LEDs, and I'm about to think that it is impossible for white LEDs to come anywhere close to matching the quality and performance of a strobe flash. In fact, I'd have to say that I have yet to see white LED night pics that were not absolutely worthless. Having said that, I'd welcome any reviews of strobe flash cameras, if any are actually being produced nowadays. Perhaps Cuddeback is still making a white strobe flash camera?

Pat you need to take a walk on the wild side and try a simple white flash homebrew setup.
Trigger times updated for Stealth G series. I rested range after updating firmware on G42 and published those. Trigger times are pretty good overall on these cameras.

In a week or so I should have Bushnell and Primos cameras.
anthony- or anyone else with that g42 got a question.

When testing my camera in a dark room up close I can hear the flash array go "bzzzzzzzzz" and on two picture mode it goes "bzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz".

I know another guy here (Art) had a covert black 60 set up on a mineral lick and a g42 on the other end and a doe spooked from the g42. She Must have heard the bzzzzzzz noise :
The video sample that Anthony had from the G42NG has a "motor" sound also! :x I was really hoping Stealth would make a great comeback with these cams. :cry:

The videos I am getting from both of my stealth g42s have crystal clear audio with no backround noise at all. I'm running ultimate lithiums in one and rayovac alkaline in the other. Jake,I will check to see if either of mine make a bzzz sound when the irs go off,but so far I haven't seen any evidence of deer spooking from the cam.
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