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By Anthony
Hello Everyone,

I apologize for any issues you may have encountered today or that you may encounter in the future :)

I have been very busy and finaaly implemented phase I of the site redesign. so please check out the main site and the reviews.

I have not completed migrating the old reviews over yet. Its a ton of work. so check out the format for the 2014 reviews which for the most part should be already completed even though I have not updated the old site. My plans have been to implement this technology for months and I did not want to make changes twice.

Please respond to this thread with issues that you encounter and I will do my best to resolve them.

The main site is now interactive and built on WordPress. your forum login is site wide. You can comment on posts.

I am looking for authors to review cameras and post series articles on various hunting topics all surrounding this hobby. please email me if you are interested and we can discuss it. Now you dont have to be a programmer to update the site. You just log in and its like word processing.

Once Phase I is settled down, Phase II is to migrate my separate store front into the main site so its a review/store/community experience.

so please provide feedback good or bad and list issues the you are finding.

I thank everyone who has supported Chasingame and me in my recent struggles and over the years.

This year is the Chasingame TEN YEAR mark. we started in 2005 actually on Roscoe (Ross's birthday) if you can believe that !!!! :mrgreen:
Anthony I cant log in to the site using Chrome. I even copied and pasted the link from windows explorer on my chrome browser and all I got was the old site showing disabled. No matter what I typed in , even just it brought me to the disabled site.
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By swnoel
Wow... I thought I was dreaming!

Good luck with the new look, hopefully this doesn't end up like the Reconyx XR6! :D

Us Reconyx owners have the patience though! :wink:
This theme is proving to have some bugs in it. If you will bear with me I will get things working correctly and hopefully pleasing to the eyes. The look and feel is important as well as the usability.

Forum aside, have you checked out the main site?

My goal for the new technology is to make it easier for me and more interactive for the users.

for example you can now search reviews by manufacturer, by year,.you search for key words.

I can easily make it so that you can select only reviews for black flash or wireless cameras.

Also the time it takes me to create and edit the review is far less now which is a primary goal for me. I had to create an engine that made review publishing more efficient.
Keep in mind I did not change forum technology. This is the same forum I have had for 10 years. Its just a new theme. I can go back to the old theme at any time.

There are bigger issues though like usability from mobile devices and moving forward with bootstrap themes and responsive design.

There are other choices out there. It all costs money and time to implement.
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By Mjn1979
I have to say that I like the new look. May take a while to get used to,but I like the review page setup also.
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By Mjn1979
I am having issues getting signed in on Tapatalk. It says the failed to connect to forum. Please check with forum administrator. I'm using galaxy s5 if that makes a difference.
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