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By Gforce

Ok, I had to clear my theme cache. Now its working.

Yep got to clear the cache.
In these cases using the FireBug plugin with FireFox is the trick. That lets you click on an element and see the HTML, PHP, and CSS associated with the element. You can edit the above and see the change instantly without altering you original template. Once you get it to look like you want it then you can make the changes to the HTML, PHP, and CSS files locally then upload. I always save the originals by renaming them then upload the edited files. this way I can always go back to the originals if something goes haywire. Also it allows minimal downtime for the forum, once the cache is cleared the new files take affect. Editing can be done through the admin panel as I have done often but in that case you are editing the originals with no way to recover if you don't have backups. That's the reason I prefer to edit locally, rename the originals, and upload.
I have added a light grey background to the signature area and lightened the text there to offset it. someone mentioned that it was difficult to see the difference between the signature and the body of the post.

Let me know does this help ?

Did you change it again? The text in the signature is smaller but I don't see any change in the background color. Having the background in the signature area be a different color should definitely make it better.
I actually prefer it to Tapatalk for just normal forum use.
So far I'm liking the new site & forum look. I'm using Firefox 37.0.2 with Win7 and dont recall having any issue yet.

Nice work Anthony!
Anthony I think I may have uncover o problem on the cam review page. I noticed that when I click on the cams reviewed on the left menu everything loads as it should for the top two spartan cams but when I click on the cams listed below the product images dont show in the middle frame and instead show the Spartan GoCam images instead. The image below should give an idea of what I'm talking about. I'm using Firefox 37.0.2. Not sure if anyone else noticed this.

I also noticed this too. It appears to be a Image Gallery plugin issue. I think I have it fixed as of yesterday morning. Can you revisit those reviews and verify they are ok?
Looking good now.
Under the reviews main menu I added a 2015 Review Status menu option which is similar to what I used to have. do you feel the structure is going to work for new comers and veterans alike ?

can everyone find what they are looking for?
Also. I have worked on converting the old reviews to the new site. I find that recreating in the new format is just way too time consuming so I wrote a PHP module to process an old review page by its ID. for the most part I now have 2010 and half of 2011 online this way. Those pages look like the old reviews and mostly work. If I used flash to display a video its not showing and I will try and go back and fix those.

Another thing, I have a plugin that allows me to create redirects. This means the old urls posted in forums and sites from the past will still work.

I have created several categories and each review is placed in several categories. If you go into the reviews, on the left is a category selection. Try out IR black Flash Cameras or Wireless Cameras. These are features I never had on the old site which I believe greatly enhances the new format.

Your thoughts on 2010 and 2011 reviews ?
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