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Its nice to see you back in the saddle again. In reading over the review on this camera, I noticed you are using Rayovac batteries. In case you don't follow all threads, I need to give you a heads up. My cameras (batteries) were dying off faster than normal so I began checking voltage as I took out the old batteries. In all cases, on all cameras, about 1/2 or 2/3 of the batteries were completely dead. While the remaining batteries were still in the 1.46 ish volt range. My new strike force camera included.
I buy these in bulk from Batteries Plus. But I will keep an eye out on them. I can check everyone prior to insertion.

I always check voltage before installing. This is the first time I checked voltage after taking the batteries out. And found this issue of half of the batteries were dead while the other half were still good. Why some died prematurely showed a lack of QC on Rayovacs part, at least for that lot number. I had two 60 packs and both packs had issues.
I have several Rayovac AA's left but use the in other devices than my cameras.. I've switched to Energizer that I get in bulk from the Battery Barn to use in my cameras...

I just went to their website and they no longer have free shipping so I'm now in search of a new place to buy batteries.. :cry: :cry:

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