General Announcements about the website, Trail Camera Reviews in progress, New cameras coming out, New Photo contests, etc
also, months ago Covert promised some cameras but I cant get them to respond and nothing has arrived yet.

Still no word from Covert on the promised review cameras.

Anthony, i'll try contacting Brittany at Covert and see if she can contact you.
3 new Bushnell and 3 new Primos arrived today. they are in the queue.

Great Anthony! Hopefully someone from Covert contacted you.
Yes thanks. Covert contacted me and will be sending some cameras as well. These will include the cellular camera. So we can add them to the queue as well.
Looks like Hawke Optics is getting into the trail camera business, I'm not sure who their supplier/manufacturer is, has anyone seen these being used by other brands? I'm curious as to reliability and how it handles transition photos...

They look promising with dual cmos sensor, variable led counts and at least some basic switch operated config options, I especially like the sliding on/off switch, I wish every cam used this type of power switch as I really dislike digital power switches on trailcams. Looks like my favorite non-digital operated trailcam (BF7/BF8/IRON9) is no longer being made by Spyoint soI'm on the lookout for a replacement.

They don't appear to be inexpensive but prolly not too far off the mark considering the dual camera cmos sensor.
Covert Scouting cameras shipped a box of cameras today and they are headed my way.

Great Anthony! I am real interested to see what you have to say about the 2017 Code Black flash.
Hope to receive your feed back of different trail camera
Boly Media/Bolyguard (ScoutGuard)

I have 5 camera models coming from Boly Media (Scoutguard) which I thought look very interesting. Several have a wide angle lens and I want to see how they handle this. wide angle is important in many surveillance applications and construction. It can be useful for food plot monitoring in time lapse too I would think.


Shenzhen Ereagle Technology Co.Ltd
I have two models coming from this company and one is a 4G camera. I don't know a lot about it yet.

I have a Moultrie M-888i and field Modem MV1

I have a Spypoint Force

These cameras are on the way.

Bushnell and Primos
Update: Bushnell is sending a box of cameras. Should be here next week

I will add the DS4K to my shopping list.


I have the 2017 models coming and they are working on 2018 models including a wireless one. I will have the non-wireless for review and for resale on CG. Ridgetec is a Canadian company.
I believe what April Lee is saying is that she wants feedback from the CG community on the cameras I am reviewing for Boly. I propose you post the feedback in the Bolymedia camera discussion forum.

Bolymedia has offered CG a reseller option for their cameras. If there are any Boly cameras you are interested in, I can add those to my store but I personally want some feedback as well.
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