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2017_bolyguard_sg520.JPG (245.41 KiB) Viewed 52874 times
The last couple of years I've run my Covert MP6 Blacks on 4 batteries and they lasted from early Sept until mid Dec while take a couple hundred pictures a week...

I've got one still out that was still taking pictures the last time I checked it on May 20th.... Got to get back to it soon...
I quit all permanent jobs, all contracting at the moment to focus on Chasingame. I never leave the house unless I run out of batteries or beer... :mrgreen:

But on a serious note, before I put anything in my store I want to make sure its worth a flip.
Check out the trigger times on both these Boly cameras. :?

I was hopefull they would be competitive but at these values I am not sure. Your thoughts ?

I have asked for firmware updates if available.
I brought this up to the sales mgr at Boly and he said because these cameras are wide angle they had to build in timers or else all the subjects are way out on these edge of the photos. Now, this is what he said ....

Lets say you had ultra wide like 150 and your trigger time was .3, ever subject would be on the extreme left or right edge unless they came straight at you. I can understand their philosophy... When you think about it, an ultra wide sensing means that the camera is waking up and capturing animals that may or may not even be captured by narrow sensing cameras and as well they would be capturing the animals like much earlier in comparison to a narrow sensing camera.
Were those miserable trigger and recovery times recorded with freshly laundered SD cards? What detergent did you format them with? Did you use dryer sheets to cut the electron cling and give them a fresh scent? :mrgreen:

Seriously though, the SG520 has one awful lens on it judging by the edges on your 8-plate test photo and would be disqualifying on image quality alone if that lens is a typical representative for the model. On the other hand, the BG962-X30W has pretty darned good IQ for an ultra-wide and holds a lot of promise with it's lighting technology. On an ultra-wide it wouldn't be very concerning to have a 1+ second trigger since the field of view is so wide, but the slow recovery of 12 seconds would be a real issue if it turns out to be representative. This one will be a very interesting review.
Yes I agree with your concerns.

Suppose the camera is a 360 degree camera? what would the trigger time need to be? When the subject is in range it will be captured, so the question is how much closer do we want them on average before we snap since we see "everything" in our range at the same time....

Now on the other extreme suppose the sensing range is very narrow, then you will need a fast trigger time. In fact the narrower the sensing range, the faster the trigger probably needs to be to get the subject in the picture.

Conversely as the sensing range widens, what does it mean ? Think on it....

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