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it did it for a straight 15 minutes and would have gone longer I am sure but how long I dont know as the deer walked away... 7:30am was plenty light enough in my opinion.

I need to find out if there is a firmware update from Bushnell for this.

Update: Bushnell responded to my query about the firmware and asked for my version. I should find out if there is a newer one tonight or tomorrow.
I had that issue at first with my Primos Proof 2 and found out I was hanging it too low to the ground. This was in the winter with snow on the ground as well. I started hanging them around my chest height and haven't seen the issue again.

I read the review on Trail Cam Pro and after reading it I felt the Essential E2 a better camera to buy at the moment. I have had great success with it.

Thanks for the review.
After a consultation with Bushnell and the determination that my test unit is on the latest firmware, we are going to replace the unit and resume testing on the replacement under the possibility the day night sensor is malfunctioning.
Did exchanging the camera take care of the white-out problem ?

I snagged an E3 a few weeks ago on Ebay for a good price and have had it out a couple times trying to see who's raiding the garden. So far a rabbit and a possum, but I did notice that videos are in MP4 format which helps this MAC user a bunch. My E2s are great cameras, but because the videos are in AVI format I have to download them to the desktop and use a viewer to watch them. They don't show up in the PHOTOS program (same as iPhoto) when I download the memory cards to my laptop. So if this E3 proves worthy I will be adding more to my fleet.
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Read the activity report for 08-15-17 for Photo. I am still running the camera and checking it.
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