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This is the black flash Aggressor. It looks exactly the same as the red flash version which is model 119875. Don't get confused. ... ew-119876/
2017_bushnell_aggressor_baclflash_119876.JPG (771.76 KiB) Viewed 26674 times
Don't get confused.

Confused no, puzzled, yes. They have been using this same case design for at least 3 years and how many different models? But normally in the bushnell brown color. I have this identical gray colored case on my 119773 and I have to say I like the color. It matches my hardwoods bark better than any other colored camera case I have. In fact I'd like to see more variations of grey colored cases from other manufacturers. Most trees bark is has a greyish hue.
I purchased one of these earlier this month. I have been disappointed in the quality of the photos, both daylight and nighttime. I'm looking at the thumbnails, hi-definition, and on the cards. Anyone else have a problem with this? I have 3 other non-wireless Bushnells and I get very sharp shots from those. Thanks (from a newbee)

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