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this afternoon I upgraded to a newer version of the forum. I have not completed the reconfiguration back to the same as before. Somethings may appear somewhat different. Please bear with me as go through a tiny learning curve on this.

I appreciate your patience.
Upgrades can be a pain when you have customized the interface of the theme, add to that they never catch all the bugs they introduce with software changes. That's the reason I don't allow auto upgrade on my MyBB forum. Something as simple as a passworded forum blitzed the whole forum the last time I allowed auto upgrade. I now run a test forum to test the upgrades for bugs before upgrading the live forum. Took 24 hours to work out the problem on the last one and report the Bug and work around, they fixed the bug in an emergence upgrade.
So far its usable but I now see a lot of customization is gone. I will have to work on that.

One thing is the open links into separate tab feature.
Another is some customization to the header bar with some extra buttons I put in.

The good news is I am on the very latest version now. I think its 3.2.x. It means I can install new plug-ins like popup-ads ... :twisted: :twisted: :mrgreen:
One Thing I liked about Phpbb was it was easy to customize, not so with Mybb, everything is tied to one another through CSS and JavaScript. Make a change to one header script and it may affect the whole header, if you try to move a link say from the footer to the header the link want work properly because it is suppose to be executed from the footer style sheet where other template instructions are located. It's a minefield to navigate and a big learning curve.

With that said I like it better that Phpbb because of the Plugin system. Once you get around the learning curve you can accomplish what you want to. You have to learn PHP, CSS and JavaScript calls to navigate the style sheets and templates, it requires a different way of thinking than it would with Phpbb. I haven't dealt with Phpbb in a while, it may be the same way now!
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