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By Anthony
I have everything about ready to now. Some of the avatars were lost in the conversion on the forum. Please "remove" your current and missing avatar and then add your avatar back in order to fix the issue (at least I hope this will fix it).

We are now on phpbb version 3. I have disabled the use of attachments as I would prefer to have you use photobucket or equvalent.

There are many new features on this version of the forum which I have not even learned yet. I am sure there are things we can take advantage of at some point.

Important items:

1. Currently the chasingame Classified is history. It was only compatable with the old version of the forum. I suggest you use the "swap n shop" forum for this kind of thing from now on. If you do, please indicate in the subject when you item is sold.

2. The Online Chat will no longer be available as there is a better alternative on the horizon. Please bear with me.

Let me know if you experience any problems.
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