General Announcements about the website, Trail Camera Reviews in progress, New cameras coming out, New Photo contests, etc
With the ATA show just concluding and the Shot show in progress the rumors are flying hot and heavy. Some of these we know about already some we have not seen yet "officially"

Bushnell - Will have some new cams this year and it is rumored that some will have microphones as
was the case in last years line. Also we heard that there might be one with a small speaker that
can be used to make game calls in order to attract animals to the cam.

Buckeye - Heavily announced the new mini cam with the big cam features, this should be a hot seller.

Cuddeback - Same cams this year with minor improvement to battery plate. Will be sold at discount prices.

Moultrie - Same cams as last year with the addition of a new solar panel and battery for external hookup.

Leaf River - New cams this year with some exciting new features. This will be one to watch this year.

Recon - New cams this year and most definitely a cam to pay close attention to. Rumor has it that some
of their military technology has slipped into the trail camera line. I will have to have some of these to go along with the
above mentioned Leaf rivers.

Stealth cam - New cameras that have been adapted to some of the old cases. Strong attention to IR cameras. Higher resolutions and new technology that prints date time on video as well as stills.

Reconyx - From what we can find out they have upped the picture quality so they just might get the cam of the year award.

Predator - Same strong case as last year. Adapted both no glow and glow IR emitters (selectable) into their
IR array. If this proves to be a copy without infringement of the Reconyx technology this cam will also be very
hard to beat. We have been told that they really worked hard to correct some of the negatives found last year.
We have some word on a new camera coming out and at this time we are going to just call it the WGF cam
and we have one on the way as soon as they start shipping. This is a new company so it might prove to
be interesting.

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