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I appologise for any down time you may have experienced. I was forced by my hosting company to migrate to a new server in order to get onto the latest Linux operating system.

The point is, I had to migrate all of onto this new server and activate the server ip change in the DNS routing. what this means is that while this was taking place the main site was never down but the forum on the old server would be "disabled" while the forum on the new server would be up.

As Muphy's Law would have it, I ran into a glitch migrating the forum database over because of new version of the database engine which I finally fixed with some techie help around 5:00pm today.

I appologise for the confusion but there was really no good time for this, so I picked this monring. I actually imagined it would be a 2 hour process but turned into an 8 hour one.
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