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BEC has donated a brand new Apollo camera to auction in order to raise money for Bob's surgery. We should show our gratitude to BuckEyeCam for their generosity.

The MSRP on this camera is arond $699. I started the auction at $500.

Make sure you check this out! I am running the auction myself. I will accept the payment and forward it to Bob Turner.

Link to Buckeyecam Apollo benefit auction:

Bob how are you doing ?
Can someone please contact Bob and get us a report for this thread on his condition ?

Bob responded to a pm I sent him a couple days ago:

"Spent Monday night at the ER again. Daggum kidney stone. This was my 13th. During the CT scan they found I had one in the bladder, another in my right kidney, and another in my left kidney. I get to look forward to those in the future. Had to go back to Chattanooga to the Dr. Friday and they've got my surgery rescheduled for the 24th. Maybe they will actually get the IV in this time and get to do it. Well, I'm heading back to bed. Been up hurting all night and decided to drop in and see what was going on. This bedfast business isn't any fun. Take care bud. Bob"
The BuckeyeCam auction ends tonight. If you want to buy a nice camera and help Bob out nows your chance!
Tuesday 6-17 update from Bob, sent in an email to me. All in direct quote

"Hey Don, Last week was just another week of grief for me. Woke up Monday of last week in severe pain. Knew immediately it was a kidney stone as I have had 12 of them previously. Next question was I gonna be able to pass it or have surgery. I had to have surgery on 3 of the last 4 so I was concerned. Pain got really bad Monday night and I went to the ER. Got 4 pain shots before finally getting some relief. They did a CT scan which showed a kidney stone about to be passed but another in my left kidney and another in my right. Spent the rest of the week drinking hundreds of ounces of gatorade trying to pass the thing. Finally gave birth to a BB sized stone Thursday morning. Had to go back to my doctor in Chattanooga on Friday and that put me down for the weekend. Woke up this morning to twinges of pain in my lower stomach/groin area. I'm scared to death it's another stone, but it's doing a little different so maybe it's not. Thus I've spent no time on the computer for the last week. I did get good news on the back surgery. It has been approved again and is scheduled fot the 24th. Just hope it actually goes thru this time. Good hearing from you. Let the guys at CG know I'm still kicking. Man I appreciate what they did for me. I'm still getting donations. Got $70.00 in the last 2 days".

So there you have it. I hope Bob doesn't mind my "word for word" report. Just wanted everyone to know the latest. don
The auction winner is a forum member wolfcreek outfitters (Bob Irvine).

Thank you Bob. Apparently you Bobs like to stick together and help each other out. Nice going!
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