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Buckeyecam has generously donated a brand new Apollo camera to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to the Bob Turner Back surgery fund. The auction is on eBay and will run 7 days. Please keep in mind this is a new camera shipped directly from ATSI, Buckeycam headquarters with a full warranty. :!:


Here is a link to the auction:


Here is the thread about Bob Turner back surgery fund and links to donate if you would prefer to do that.

Thanks to all who have donated thus far and happy bidding !!!!! :D

PS: If you belong to other forums and sites, please post links to this auction thread. also email this thread to your friends and buddies who may be thinking of ordering a new camera anyway.
There is ONLY 24 hours left on this auction now... here is your chance to purchase a nice camera and send money to a good cause all at the same time.
There is now just a little over an hour left on this auction. If you want to help Bob out please bid on this camera. Its a win/win situation for you.

I appreciate what everyone has done for Bob and to BuckEye Cam for making this possible with the donation of this brand new camera to our cause.

Wouldn't it be strange if Bob Turner purchased the camera :lol: (I think it would be like he got it for free) Bob if you read DO NOT BUY THE CAMERA !!! :mrgreen:
The auction winner is a forum member Bob Irvine (wolfcreek outfitters).

thanks to him!
Simply awesome is all I can say. Thanks Sean and Buckeye Cams for such a kind gesture. My family and I can never say thank you enough. The folks on this site have been incredible. I had no clue this was even going on. I've had a really bad two week period and haven't been able to be on the computer. My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. I am so thankful that I have made so many friends here at Chasingame. You have really come thru for me in a time of need. Thank you, thank you, thank you is all I can say and I hope God truly blesses everyone who has donated to me and my family. Bob
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