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Today we started the review/test process on the 2006 Bushnell 119200 Trail Sentry 2.1 MP camera.

It tested first thing out of the box at ¼ to ½ second trigger time!

In appearance it is identical to the 119000 that we tested earlier but this time they have chosen to put latches on the case instead of the plastic spring clips (improvement). The programming is the same so if the picture quality comes up to the advertised 2.1 MP this just might be the competition at $149 for the referbed cuddes and new models. We don’t believe the flash is a strong as the cudde but in our test with the 119000 it proved to be good out past 30’. Provided the sensor is up to par this just might be a great little cam. Testing starts today.

Keep checking back for details. We performed the flash tests and updated the site.

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By Vogt_51
Hey guys, I LOVE the site.
I have been lurking on the boards for only a day or two, but have been to the site many times.

I was just wondering if the Bushnell 119200 has a LCD to view the pictures taken inside?? I wasnt too sure and the article in the new Cabelas had a picture with an internal TFT LCD.
It doesnt matter tons, because I was compelled to buy one tonight after the short reviews and the estimated .25 to .5 second trigger time. I got a great deal for 120+tax and free shipping so I got it. Thanks in advance on the LCD question.
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By Anthony
for the initial results of the testing on the 2006 Bushnell 119200 2.1 Trail Sentry, read the following thread: (some sample pics posted here too)

I started this new thread because we had a 3 camera test going and had more results to publish than just the Bushnell...

We are continuing to test and will post a final result soon. we will update the camera reviews as well.
By Vogt_51
Thanks for the reply, you guys are great.
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