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We started an external battery life test on the Scoutguard SG550 this weekend.

08-03-2008: We received a box from Custom 1 Enterprises and they had sent us some items, one of which was an external power cable for the Scoutguard cameras. I installed the slip connectors to the wires and selected a charged 5AH 6 volt lantern battery and off down south to the testing area and set up one of our SG-550's with the cable and rechargeable battery. We dated the battery and will now keep a running account of the picture count and will document just how long this little camera will last on this type of battery. We have much larger 14 Ah gel cells that we could test also. Because of the ongoing problem with ants liking to invade everything we felt it was necessary to keep the bottom cover on the camera for this test. This required that we turn the camera on and install the bottom cover and then plug the connected cable into the camera. We are working on a new bottom cover with HCO and maybe we will see that soon. This new cover will allow for the card and switch to be accessed without un plugging the external battery. This just makes this great little cam a little better.
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