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By reaperman
I knew it would just be a matter of time before this guy showed up again. He's been scarce, its only the third time he came thru since beginning of January.
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By reaperman
Anthony wrote: Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:28 pm Could there be pups in the hole ? Or you would know if the yote moved in an out all the time...
Here in Minnesota, the breeding season for coyotes is Jan-Feb. A female will normally take up a den right before birth which is sometime in April. She will remain in the den until the pups are weaned then abandon it. I cant say for sure if this den will be used this spring or not. But I will keep a camera there and see.

This would be the ideal spot for my ridgetec lookout since its a black flash camera. Coyotes and fox are very alert and spook at a IR flash from a trail camera. I dont know if I would get service in this spot or not. Its down pretty far in elevation in comparison to the rest of the woods, plus heavy tree cover. I have a friend who put a cellular camera near this spot and had to use a external antenna on a 20' piece of re-rod. But I will definitely try as soon as the weather warms up hopefully in a month or so.

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