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By Boonez40
I have a Spartan 3g camera on AT&T service.
So my question is can I switch it over to US Cellular by changing the sims card ?
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By johnnydeerhunter
No you can not
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By Gforce
Get a Spypoint cell-link, they come in AT&T and Verizon versions. I am testing 4 of them now, 2 AT&T and 2 Verizon. The modems for LTE 4g seem as strong or stronger than a cell phone. What cams they work with is a crap shoot. 3g GoCams work as do 3g Covert and Black 60's. Tried the covert MP9 and it doesn't work and haven't figured out why yet. It may have something to do with the SD card size the cam requires to function and the SD card and ribbon for the cell-link is less than a gig. The good thing is if you have some old trail cams laying around you may be able to turn them into cell cams.

My testing so far has been positive, they detect and send pic's as well as the 3g GoCams do. You get a notification on your phone and view the photo with an app for the phone or a portal on computer, you can also have notifications sent to email. The picture quality isn't as good as the GoCams but they are ok and give acceptable results, at this point it's the only game in town to revive the 3g cell cams when they turn off 3g.

With an account you get 100 pic's a month for free , you can test out your old cams without costing you a dime. The cell data plans cost about as much as all the others and cheaper than most.

The cost of the Cell-link is around $39.99 and up, depending on where you buy, ordered some from Dick's Sporting Goods and some from Academy Sports, both had them for 39 bucks. The Cell-link-V is the Verizon and the Universal Cell-link is the AT&T.

If you want to try these I would suggest getting one to test because I would imagine once they turn off 3g and word gets out about these they will be in short supply and cost more.
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