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By bigwied
Hello Could somebody explain to me how the premium credits work for the spartan camera ? I purchased the 3 month 1 GB plan for my white flash gocam which was 35.99. It says on the spartan web portal that you can buy a premium credit for 4 dollars for one month which has unlimited pictures. So I could have paid 12 dollars for 3 months with unlimited pictures instead of 35.99 for 3 months and 1 GB of data what am I missing here? Do you need to buy a separate Verizon sym card or Verizon data card if you don't purchase Spartans data plan and just buy a premium credit. Thanks
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By LibbyLA
Premium credits are for cameras with data plans through Verizon (add to cell phone plan), AT&T (Buy-A-Session or add to cell phone plan), or US Cellular (add to cell phone plan). If you purchase data from Spartan, that includes premium credit.

You can use the same SIM for Verizon on your cell phone plan or for a Spartan plan. With AT&T, you need different SIMs. The cameras come with a Spartan SIM, which will not work for plans through AT&T.

Bottom line is that you need both data (so the camera can communicate over the cellular network) and premium credit. The two are bundled in Spartan data plans.
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