Use this forum for the discussion of surveillance applications with scouting cameras. Trying to catch a theif? Trying to monitor a warehouse? Watch a cabin? Lets hear your ideas.
By SIcam
Detecting the flash that is not seen by the human eye or too fast to detect.

A simple detector can be built to pick up the IR flash and lock onto the flash. This is a simple circuit that can be built for about 40 bucks. All you would have to do then is walk around at night and trigger the camera. This will not work during the daytime since the camera will not use flash.

Trail camera sensor (PIR)

The PIR is a detection sensor not an emitter. Since it only detects there is nothing given off by the camera.

Pass thru sensors (Break Beam Sensor)

The trail camera may be using a pass thru sensor which is unlikely but could be rigged to use. This would have an emitter and a detector. This could be of a various number of emitters. Laser, IR.
By Ghostman
Thats what I was thinking was the reason jokers were wandering around Shed Hunters A.O. in shorts and loafers etc. Seemed awful funny that all these plain clothed joes were rambling around out there scouting deer runs and stand locations or wanting to place trail cams in street clothes and Stacy Adams shoes.

Best be very aware of your surroundings, traffic flow, traveled paths, trimmed limb trails and other forms of human inhabitance there. Usually those potheads grow that crap on your or others property to elude enforcement. Just call the law and let them deal with it. If your afraid of retailiation then, post your blackflash cameras around your stack of bricks for protection. I would stress using a camera the has a very good night blackflash with decent range too! MMS optional.

Roscoe, ash out those huntin blind blunts! LOL

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By fr0sty
Moonshiners user them also.
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By weaseldog
SIcam's suggestion would work. IR detectors (like the little sensor at the end of a black flash extender's pickup wire) are pretty cheap. You could mount 4 or eight of them pointing out horizontally in a 360 degree pattern high up on your head or on a pole on your pack (to extend the distance they can "see"). Put a big heat source up there, too - a propane flare maybe - to trigger the cameras PIR sensors at a longer distance. You can probably build an IR detector for less than $50 each and give them to everyone to wear. When the camera detects your heat source, it will turn on the IR illuminators, and your IR detector should detect that IR light. At that point, call over the LEO with night-vision goggles, and let him pinpoint the camera the next time it triggers.

We used to build lightning detectors that could alert to an approaching storm when it was still miles away, even in broad daylight. There aren't any sources of IR light in the woods at night, so you could probably build a very sensitive detector that would detect IR wavelengths at a good distance in any direction.
By picdic
Take the cameras the pot farmers are using and put your business cards in their place. The Environmental Police do it here on Nantucket all the time. The pot farmers never come back after seeing their cameras and pot gone. Works every time.

but that would be stealing someone's trailcam. we can't complain about it happening and then recommend it.
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By bowhtr1
Go around tripping a trail cam to find it can be very dangerous. You hope its not a Spartan GoCam. You trip mine and you will be visited very soon.

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