Use this forum for the discussion of surveillance applications with scouting cameras. Trying to catch a theif? Trying to monitor a warehouse? Watch a cabin? Lets hear your ideas.
Any idea on Remote Camera set up to spot intruders ?
Lets say you need/ want to place a small video camera / trail camera to see people approach your property/ on part of your property , what is available for this situation ? please name type of product and any brands actual products you know of and especially if you have actually used one.
I would be up to 200 metres from the camera position but more like within 130 metres of it , ( would I need line of sight for it to work ? ideally I need it to send video through some bushes trees to where I would be but I might just be able to set it up where most of the time I should have no bushes between the camera and myself .
I would need it to work non stop for about 4 hours so constant video feed to my phone so I guess that uses my mobile phones data yes ?
it would have to run off batteries ( internally not a car battery for example ) as in it cant be wired in to electricity etc or need cables where I want to put it , , I need to be able to view what the camera sees live in real time somehow maybe video sent to an Android operating smartphone or maybe some little unit that comes with the camera / trail camera , cost as cheap as possible so long as it works . ( I would rather not spend over £200 that’s $275.30 ) but will if I have to . So please recommend anything you can think of..also I need the camera/ trail cam to not be seen so if it comes in camo colours that would help or I could paint it green as itll likely be places in bushes
Many thanks I am in the UK but can shop online so let me know what products you think would work for me
Thanks a lot
ps i use lots of normal trail cameras but have never used anything that would let me view what a trail cam is seeing
If you have a wired (ethernet) or Wifi connection available at that spot then Network IP cam is the way to go. No data plan just use your existing internet.

Now if cellular is all that is available, then there are several to choose from. Ridgetec Lookout 4G LTE is your best bet.

Cellular cameras are designed to be battery friendly so as to operate for months at a time remoteonly on the internet without constant full power.

If you must have constant real time non-stop streaming live video then all the cellular cameras are out. Go back to ip cams.

If you feel that a motion activated surveillance camera can work, then the Ridgetec Lookout can be triggered on motion and record either photos or video up to 1080p 30s clips. All footage is saved to the SD card.

You have two options for viewing the video:

1. Use your data plan ($$) to have the camera conveniently upload the video clip to the cloud and watch from your cell phone anywhere in the world.

2. Walk out to the camera, power off, swap out the SD card with an erased one, power back to ON. Bring that card to the computer and watch all the footage for free.

In real time as motion is captured the camera will send a photo that is the first frame of each recorded video clip thus saving cost and battery power.

Click the following link to get started viewing some real live Ridgetec Lookout cameras:

Most are running video mode and occasionally I will request a video clip so you get an idea of what it can look like. These are real live cameras not faked for sale promotional purposes.

So... what you see is what you get. This is the web portal you would use to manage your camera (in a demo account that does not allow you to change anything).

The monthly data cost:

The store to order the camera:

There are many users of Ridgetec and other competitors here that should chime in.

Full disclosure: I designed the Ridgetec products and I am the owner of the company.

Reviews: ... out-4g-lte

just came out this month: ... il-camera/

Let me know if you have any questions.
Oh, I just saw that you are in the UK.

The BBC purchased 20 units to film in Africa and I was setting up a distributor in the UK when COVID hit. I have tested in England and France and it worked great.

Now we are in need of a distributor/dealer for Europe ideally as shipping in onesies is expensive whereas if we could ship say 100 units to a dealer there in UK then you can order over the internet and get it reasonably shippingwise.

send us a supportticket tomorrow and we can continue to discuss this if you are interested. You can actually use the camera with your own SIM card in the UK rather than pay our plans. You would instead supply your own sim active card then pay our server a monthly subscription fee of say $3/mo for the portal and mobile app.
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